If you took my characteristics, danced them through a rainbow, flew them around the world and then wrapped them in an outrageous sweater you would get Dempsey Doodles, my alter ego.

Dempsey Doodles is my pure self, a place where thoughts and ideas are nurtured into boldly coloured images. Dempsey Doodles are illustrative works that are a mixture of pop culture, nostalgia and observations from everyday life. I’m motivated by a need to bring colour, fun and humour to the world. This is expressed through bold colours, shapes and patterns which is informed by my background as a graphic designer.

I’m inspired by artists such as David Hockney, Howard Arkley, Jenny Kee and Andy Warhol to push the conventions of traditional art. My process begins with sketching or cutting shapes which I then reconstruct digitally using a tablet or computer. This is where I can experiment with changing form and colours until the elements on the page form an allegiance.

At a distance, my work is bold and graphic, but peek closer and you’ll find subtle details that add to the evolution of the narrative.

Missy Dempsey